Site Description
BlockChan An open source imageboard hosted on the Ripple blockchain. (Reported down as of: 29/10/2019) TSUKI Website of the (alleged) anime suicide cult, "Systemspace" which spawned from two threads on 4chan's /r9k/ board. (Seriously) (Reported down as of: 21/12/2019) TUNNY's Archive Large archive of screenshots of Habbo hacking & scripting. (Reported down as of: 20/01/2020) Tsungari Space Personal site of a /g/ Anon where he shares his various projects. (Reported down as of: 17/04/2020) Wholemilk Rocks Personal homepage of a /g/ Anon who likes to link to things that interest him. (Reported down as of: 17/04/2020) Louisville Free Face Personal site of a guy called George from Louisville who offers a ''service'' for single women. Slightly NSFW, entirely hilarious. (Reported down as of: 22/04/2020) DPRK Website Guide A website directory that links exclusively to websites created by and for North Korea. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Ayylmio Memes, typing course, soundboard, gamedev, security articles. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Pajeet Tech A site that exists to poke fun at Indians working in tech. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) QWIZX An old fansite for various TV shows that the site owner personally enjoys. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) The Red Hot Jazz Archive An old site about the history of pre-1930's jazz music. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Ricardo DB Ricardo Milos meme database. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Club Penguin Online Classic Club Penguin private server. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Illegal Dark Web Server! A joke-page created for unknown reasons. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Samachan A small English language anime imageboard. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Zuckless Personal site and public file directory belonging to an Anon from /g/. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Expert of Dreams Collection of weird assorted images. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Fun And Music Absolutely ancient page where someone shares jokes, funny pictures, etc. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Graffiti From Pompeii Home to an archive of graffiti found at Pompeii. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Christ Channel A literal Christian imageboard. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Unreal Texture Unreal Tournament fansite/resources website. Online since 2002. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Tales From The Pit Abandoned website for a metal magazine that ran from 1999 - 2004. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) JulayWorld An imageboard for communities that have lost their home due to a site closing or being shut down. Anyone can request a board. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Wildlife World Ancient site about animals. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Outburst Highly anonymous modern day take on a text-board that I created with a friend in 2016. Prior to going down, this website was the first ever entry on Peelopaalu. Goodnight, sweet prince. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) STEELS Ancient Japanese Habbo Hotel fanpage from 2003. (Reported down as of: 11/11/2021) The Secret of Bluewater Ancient anime fansite that is no longer updated. (Reported down as of: 03/06/2021) GTA Portal A portal that links to all of the official GTA websites dating back to the 90's. (Reported down as of: 01/09/2021) Txtchan Catalogue of somewhat active 2ch-style textboards and some related imageboards. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2021) Vigyaa A place for people to write blogposts and confessions anonymously. (Reported down as of: 06/12/2021) Sobek A collection of bizarre and interesting things. (Reported down as of: 10/12/2021) Giant Penis License Home to the Giant Penis software license. (Reported down as of: 10/12/2021) Badass Buddy Icons & Avatars for a dead messaging client. (Reported down as of: 10/12/2021) Sheezy Art Recreation of SheezyArt for the modern era. (Reported down as of: 24/12/2022) Googlism Find out what Google thinks about just about anything. (Reported down as of: 24/01/2022) Shady URL Same idea as a link shortener, but instead of shortening links, it makes them look suspicious and terrifying. (Reported down as of: 24/01/2022) Comfy Chat A comfy imageboard intended for people who want somewhere to discuss hobbies and other topics. (Reported down as of: 24/01/2023)