Site Description
BlockChan An open source imageboard hosted on the Ripple blockchain. (Reported down as of: 29/10/2019) TSUKI Website of the (alleged) anime suicide cult, "Systemspace" which spawned from two threads on 4chan's /r9k/ board. (Seriously) (Reported down as of: 21/12/2019) TUNNY's Archive Large archive of screenshots of Habbo hacking & scripting. (Reported down as of: 20/01/2020) Tsungari Space Personal site of a /g/ Anon where he shares his various projects. (Reported down as of: 17/04/2020) Wholemilk Rocks Personal homepage of a /g/ Anon who likes to link to things that interest him. (Reported down as of: 17/04/2020) Louisville Free Face Personal site of a guy called George from Louisville who offers a ''service'' for single women. Slightly NSFW, entirely hilarious. (Reported down as of: 22/04/2020) DPRK Website Guide A website directory that links exclusively to websites created by and for North Korea. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Ayylmio Memes, typing course, soundboard, gamedev, security articles. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Pajeet Tech A site that exists to poke fun at Indians working in tech. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) QWIZX An old fansite for various TV shows that the site owner personally enjoys. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) The Red Hot Jazz Archive An old site about the history of pre-1930's jazz music. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Ricardo DB Ricardo Milos meme database. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Club Penguin Online Classic Club Penguin private server. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Illegal Dark Web Server! A joke-page created for unknown reasons. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Samachan A small English language anime imageboard. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Zuckless Personal site and public file directory belonging to an Anon from /g/. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Expert of Dreams Collection of weird assorted images. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Fun And Music Absolutely ancient page where someone shares jokes, funny pictures, etc. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Graffiti From Pompeii Home to an archive of graffiti found at Pompeii. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Christ Channel A literal Christian imageboard. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Unreal Texture Unreal Tournament fansite/resources website. Online since 2002. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Tales From The Pit Abandoned website for a metal magazine that ran from 1999 - 2004. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) JulayWorld An imageboard for communities that have lost their home due to a site closing or being shut down. Anyone can request a board. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Wildlife World Ancient site about animals. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) Outburst Highly anonymous modern day take on a text-board that I created with a friend in 2016. Prior to going down, this website was the first ever entry on Peelopaalu. Goodnight, sweet prince. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2020) STEELS Ancient Japanese Habbo Hotel fanpage from 2003. (Reported down as of: 11/11/2021) The Secret of Bluewater Ancient anime fansite that is no longer updated. (Reported down as of: 03/06/2021) GTA Portal A portal that links to all of the official GTA websites dating back to the 90's. (Reported down as of: 01/09/2021) Txtchan Catalogue of somewhat active 2ch-style textboards and some related imageboards. (Reported down as of: 12/09/2021) Vigyaa A place for people to write blogposts and confessions anonymously. (Reported down as of: 06/12/2021) Sobek A collection of bizarre and interesting things. (Reported down as of: 10/12/2021) Giant Penis License Home to the Giant Penis software license. (Reported down as of: 10/12/2021) Badass Buddy Icons & Avatars for a dead messaging client. (Reported down as of: 10/12/2021) Sheezy Art Recreation of SheezyArt for the modern era. (Reported down as of: 24/12/2022) Googlism Find out what Google thinks about just about anything. (Reported down as of: 24/01/2022) Shady URL Same idea as a link shortener, but instead of shortening links, it makes them look suspicious and terrifying. (Reported down as of: 24/01/2022) Comfy Chat A comfy imageboard intended for people who want somewhere to discuss hobbies and other topics. (Reported down as of: 24/01/2023) NVIDIA GauGAN Beta Site owned by NVIDIA where you can draw scribbles to produce photorealistic images. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) 4Kev An open source SFW imageboard created by someone called Kev. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) Dagon Bytes A site belonging to a guy called Dagon who claims to be a vampire. Founded in 1996. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) Alcyone Systems Personal homepage of Erik Max Francis. Software, favourite links, etc. Founded in 1995. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) Zefrank A once insanely popular website to play with web-toys, watch videos, and read stuff. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) Richard & The Parrots Richard Stallman visited some parrots and played music to them (Seriously). (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) Eversoul A Neocities web-portal. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) File Chef Get download links for pretty much anything. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) Hamster Dance The site that is home to the late 90's internet meme, the hamster dance. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) 256 Kilobytes Some sort of discussion website that has a forum and other sections for asking and answering questions. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) w3i Another web directory, friends of Peelopaalu. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) Ratwires Modern day text-board with a pretty active community. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) Catie Wayne (Boxxy) Absolutely bizarre boxxybabee fanpage. Used to be home to an imageboard. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) Fighting Amphibians Defunct TF2 clan imageboard created by some Anons from 4chan's /v/ board. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) The Pomnitz Family Web The website of the Pomnitz family. Home to things like family photos, stories, and just things that the Pomnitz's get up to in their day to day lives. Online since July 22nd 1999. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) Ben Daglish Personal homepage of dead programmer & musician. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) Keygen Music An oldschool keygen (chiptune) music archive. (Reported down as of: 14/03/2023) Dank Maymays Random pages created by Anons from /s4s/ on 4chan. Fun to explore. (Reported down as of: 23/04/2023) Districts Remember neighbourhoods on Geocities? It's that, but for Neocities. (Reported down as of: 16/01/2024) Zerophone A wiki where you can learn everything you'd want to know about the open-source Zerophone cellphone. (Reported down as of: 16/01/2024) Tech Model Railway Club (MIT) The official website of the model railway club at MIT. (Reported down as of: 16/01/2024) DASMALWERK A very extensive malware sample database. Do not download anything from here unless you know exactly what you are doing. Use at your own risk. Sneedacity A free, privacy-respecting, audio editor forked from Audacity. Komica (Comedian) A rather large Japanese imageboard. (Depending on the board, this one can be NSFW, so browse with a bit of caution) Heptune Home Page A site that aims to both be funny and informative, apparently. So much stuff to go through here I can't think of how to explain what it is exactly. Alex Chan's Homepage Homepage of a man called Alex Chan who collects soda cans. 10 KB Club A list of sites that are 10kb or less.