What is Peelopaalu?

Peelopaalu is an unsorted link directory that consists of random links that I find interesting in some way. There are sites here from the 90's, and there are sites here that were made in the 00's. There are sites here that are ancient fan-pages for cartoons, and there are sites here that are the personal blogs for serial killers. It's very a mixed bag, so be sure to read the descriptions before randomly clicking on stuff, unless you like to live dangerously, in which case have fun spamming the "I'm feeling (Un)lucky" button, friend :^).

When was the directory last updated?

The directory currently contains 787 links and was last updated @ 13:37 on 10/01/2021, with 2 new websites being added! Click here to check them out!

How often is this updated?

There is no set-schedule. I update as I discover stuff.

What happens when a link dies?

Email me so I can relocate it to the Obituaries page with a Wayback Machine link (if there is one available).

What sort of sites won't be listed here?

I only list sites here that are interesting/useful to me personally, so "pointless" sites such as OMFGDOGS and Staggering Beauty won't make the list, barring a few rare historical exceptions such as Hamster Dance and LOL Limewire. Why? Because they're unoriginal and way too tryhard-ish. There are literally thousands of sites out there like these, and they have no historical value whatsoever. This isn't to say they're bad, mind you - They're just trying way too hard to be noticed, and I feel like a lot of good obscure content that better deserves the attention gets buried because of sites like these hogging the limelight. If you notice a site on the list that you think fits this description for whatever reason, email me and I'll consider removing it.

Credit where credit is due:

How can I support Peelopaalu?

Honestly, the fact that you're visiting the site is support enough, but if you want to go a step further, inviting your friends, suggesting links or/and buying me a coffee via Ko-fi is always massively appreciated. They don't steal a cut of the shekels like Patreon do either, so that's pretty baller if you ask me. You can do that by clicking the button below if you like.