Donate to Peelopaalu:

The fact that you're visiting the site is support enough in itself, but if you want to go a step further by making a monetary donation, then that's incredibly cool of you! You can do so by clicking the Ko-fi link below to directly donate via PayPal.


Link to us:

Want to link to Peelopaalu? That's awesome! I'll soon have two buttons added to this page for people to use; One in 88x31, and another in 105x49. You'll be able to grab the code for either of them by clicking whichever one you want to use below! (Both buttons currently just link to the directory, though! Keep your eyes on this page for the buttons being added.)


(88x31) | Coming Soon!


(105x49) | Coming Soon!

How else can I show my support?:

If neither of the above is something you want to do, then that's totally fine too! Just visiting the site and letting your friends know that we exist either IRL, via socialmedia, email chains, or smoke signals is always massively appreciated!

Want to support us some other way that isn't listed here?:

I'm not quite sure what you'd have in mind, but sure! If you want to send me an email to let me know how you want to support the site, then that'd be great. You can do so by clicking here.