Site Description
BlockChan An open source imageboard hosted on the Ripple blockchain. (Reported down as of: 29/10/2019) TSUKI Website of the (alleged) anime suicide cult, "Systemspace" which spawned from two threads on 4chan's /r9k/ board. (Seriously) (Reported down as of: 21/12/2019) TUNNY's Archive Large archive of screenshots of Habbo hacking & scripting. (Reported down as of: 20/01/2020) Postbox Garden An imageboard where you can only make a post by mailing in a physical postcard or letter to the admin. (Very unfortunate loss - One of my personal favourites on the directory) (Reported down as of: 10/04/2020) Tsungari Space Personal site of a /g/ Anon where he shares his various projects. (Reported down as of: 17/04/2020) Wholemilk Rocks Personal homepage of a /g/ Anon who likes to link to things that interest him. (Reported down as of: 17/04/2020) Louisville Free Face Personal site of a guy called George from Louisville who offers a ''service'' for single women. Slightly NSFW, entirely hilarious. (Reported down as of: 22/04/2020)