Site Description
Anonpatch Another shop full of of 4chan and other internet culture related patches, stickers, etc. Tactical Tabbies Another-another shop full of of 4chan and other internet culture related patches, stickers, etc. This one primarily sells /k/ patches. Green Crab Testing Another-another-another shop full of of 4chan and other internet culture related patches, stickers, etc. This one also primarily sells /k/ patches. Vigyaa A place for people to write blogposts and confessions anonymously. Merlins Magical Merrows Back to the 4chan patch stores. This one sells patches aimed at 4chan's /k/ board specifically. Sticky Arsenal 4chan patch and sticker store. Sells a very wide range of stuff to appeal to people from some of 4chan's biggest boards. Sours Patchworks Do you like anime girls and memes? Do you want a patch with anime girls and memes on it? Check out Sours Patchworks. Wood Patch A patch store where you can buy wooden patches featuring anime girls, /k/ memes, and other fun stuff. Really creative idea. Skinwalker Supply Co More patches, stickers, and other /k/ accessories can be bought here. Kommando Store Another /k/ store where you can buy MRE's, tshirts, patches, gas masks, and even some medical supplies that could come in handy when you're innawoods. Absolute Territory Supply Military surplus, anime and /k/ patches, stickers, clothing, and accessories store. Badger Hound Supply Co More /k/ accessories, patches, stickers, etc. Sociolotron An adult ERPG that has been around since 2003. Install Gentoo A lot of free services provided by an Anon from 4chan's /g/ board. Webhosting, blogs, image hosting, and much more! Anime Tobacco Firearms Another 4chan /k/ sticker/patch store. Quite a lot of anime and meme stickers on this one. Omniglot The ultimate encyclopedia of different writing systems and languages. Meme's Devotions And Bible Study A site belonging to someone who goes by "Meme" - Not sure what this one is about exactly, but it seems to be a personal site where the webmaster talks about their Bible studies and "devotions". Amelia's Pink Palace A website created in 2007 to raise awareness for a little girl called Amelia Price who was diagnosed with Neroblastoma Stage 4 back in February 2005. Amelia lost her battle with cancer in 2007. Skunk Info Have a pet skunk? Want to get a pet skunk? Never thought about a pet skunk, but now you're curious? Check this site out. Andreas Wiethoff Personal webpage of Andreas Wiethoff, a Swatch watch collector. Lots of information about different Swatch references, along with his blog and pictures of his collection. Friesian The proceedings of the Friesian School. Open TTD OpenTTD is an open source simulation game based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe. 10 KB Club A list of sites that are 10kb or less. 250 KB Club A list of sites that are 250kb or less. 512 KB Club A list of sites that are 512kb or less. 1 MB Club A list of sites that are 1mb or less. Trilobites Anything and everything you could ever want to know about trilobites. Alex Chan's Homepage Homepage of a man called Alex Chan who collects soda cans. Bug Guide Ever asked yourself ''Hey.. What's that strange bug crawling across my window?'' These guys can probably answer that question for you. CbpsDB The ultimate source for PS Vita Homebrew apps and Plugins. Andegraf Studio The personal site of Anton Dechev, a very experienced graphic designer. Super cool and unique homepage. Puckdropper's Place Personal site of Puckdropper. Home to model railways, computing, and other creative stuff the webmaster gets up to. Uncreative Labs Founded in March 1993 as a software development group, UCL is now mainly home to a forum where people answer and ask questions about old computers. SolidSnake Designs The remains of SS Designs, one of the biggest graphic design forums from the early to mid 2000's. Heptune Home Page A site that aims to both be funny and informative, apparently. So much stuff to go through here I can't think of how to explain what it is exactly. Thieve An incredibly accurate and useful reverse image search tool for Ali Express. Firefox Profilemaker This tool will help you to create a Firefox profile with the defaults you like. Aaltomies An incredibly detailed and high quality blog all about anime, manga, videogames, and all sorts of other things. Komica (Comedian) A rather large Japanese imageboard. (NSFW at times) Mobile Phone History A sort-of online museum of mobile telephones. An incredibly detailed and informative website if you're interested in this topic. MyCalcDB Ran by a guy who collects calculators, MyCalcDB is a database of all different types of calculators. Serial Number Decoder Own a product and want to know what the serial number can tell you about said product? Give this site a look. Sneedacity A free, privacy-respecting, audio editor forked from Audacity. Ricky McBroom The personal homepage of someone called Ricky McBroom. sundry obscure topics A site owned by a guy called Dave Barber. Home to pages about niche topics that the webmaster is interested in. Newton Sales An enthusiast site for the Apple Newton where you can buy brand new parts, upgrades, and many other things. Unicron A transformers toy collecting website. The LED Watch A site all about LED watches that the webmaster has collected over the years. Home to some very rare and very obscure early digital watches from the 1970's. Equestriart Network Very nicely done My Little Pony pixelart and games by Rangelost. Worth a browse whether you're into the pony fandom or not, their artwork is incredibly nicely done. Inventors Emporium Founded in 1990, Inventors Emporium exists to develop the inventions of Joel M. Sciamma and as an umbrella for other activities such as R & D in electronics, computing, light mechanical engineering and just plain curiosity. Letters from BBC Television Licensing Homepage of a guy who is sick of getting letters from the BBC's TV licensing organisation, and goes out of his way to mock them for threatening him. Freds Workshop An ancient (but still updated!) Transformers fansite. Mass Produced Pony Plush Project /mppp/ is a My Little Pony plush mass-production project started by 4chan's /mlp/ board. So far they've produced Anonfilly plushes, and as of writing this, their latest project is a NASA themed pony. If you like ponies and cheap, decent quality plushes, then give this a look. DASMALWERK A very extensive malware sample database. Do not download anything from here unless you know exactly what you are doing. Use at your own risk. Leekspin The original Leekspin homepage. Pixel Joint One of the longest standing pixel artist communities on the web. Founded in September 2004, and home to a lot of incredibly talented artists. Tech Model Railway Club (MIT) The official website of the model railway club at MIT.