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Google Fight Type 2 keywords and click on the 'Fight !' button. The winner is the one which gets best visibility on Google. Habboon One of the oldest remaining and most active Habbo Hotel private servers. Features a custom HTML5 client. ASCII Pr0n A huge collection of ancient pornographic ASCII art. Technically NSFW. How To Design Programs Exactly what it sounds like. Nobody Here A whole bunch of really unique and interesting interactive web art by a Dutch guy. Show Me The Image A new image every day. Home to a chatbot and more! Disturbing Auctions A collection of the most bizarre things found for sale on various online auction sites since 1999. Music Theory An interactive course in musical theory for students of varying skill/age levels. Project Euh Very unique personal art project site that's existed since the early 2000's. Contortion Homepage A site belonging to someone (or several?) people who are fans of contortionism. Tambaware Home to software, photographs, and writings by Max Lyons. Number 1 Victim Of Crime Very bizarre personal site of a musical artist who calls himself "Boss Money". Entire site contains strange diagrams and conspiracy theories. Superbad Artsy personal homepage. Cat-V Home to various random projects. Richard Stallman Personal website of Richard Stallman. MLP Arena A My Little Pony fansite with a forum. Lots of guides on how to restore toys, guides on rarity for toys, collecting resources etc. 3D Chan An imageboard that is set in a 3D virtual space. Has The Large Hadron Colli(...) Has the large hardron collider destroyed the world yet? This site aims to bring you the latest on that exact situation. Over The Wire The wargames offered by the OverTheWire community can help you to learn and practice security concepts in the form of fun-filled games. Fleeb's Website Personal website that is home to various projects such as physics simulators and a browser crasher. Stravers Home to a collection of Gondola videos and a few other projects. What's The Harm? A website that explains the harm in non-critical thinking. Phrack Home of Phrack hacking/phreaking magazine. Website has existed since 2001, but Phrack itself has existed since 1985. The Weather Channel Classics A fansite and archive for audio, images, and videos from The Weather Channel. Founded in 1997. Ferry Halim A personal homepage and collection of flash games created by the website owner. Cyber College An ancient site home to hundreds of free educational media files and thousands of illustrations. Toilet Stool A site where people mostly talk about their bowel movements. Cornell University Digital Earth A project started by Cornell University in 1995 to create a digital atlas(?) The Hedonistic Imperative A site that outlines how genetic engineering and nanotechnology will abolish suffering in all sentient life. Mollazine A Mozilla e-magazine started in 1998. Social Media Group A site that investigates issues concerning society and identity in the technologically mediated world. Worlds Ancient virtual world that originally came online in 1995. Has a lot of long-abandoned places that are interesting to explore. Google Doodles Archive A complete archive of all of the Google Doodles. You Think "A sort-of social network that has existed since 2001 where you answer ""Yes"" or ""No"" to questions submitted by other users." Free Campgrounds A very informative site that shares locations and information about where you can park an RV and stay for free. Was Arrested A prank site that generates a fake news article about any name you enter claiming that the individual in question was arrested. UFO Alert A website that documents UFO sightings around the world. I Should Be Working A time wasting site that has been up since 1999. Home to games, jokes, (etc.) Long Bets A site where people make bets on various things over VERY long periods of time. Robert Burke's MIT Media Lab Homepage An old homepage from 1999 from when someone called Robert Burke studied at MIT. 9/11 Flipbook Ever wanted to make a flipnote book of a plane flying into the WTC for whatever reason? This is for you. JS Paint An MS Paint clone created with Javascript. WebGL Fluid Simulation An in browser fluid simulator. Drowning A text game created by Notch. ROCKE-3D Simulate planetary climates. Uguu Personal homepage for a guy who likes to make his source code look like anime girls. Amateur Radio Club ETGD PI4THT On this page you can listen to and control a short-wave receiver located at the amateur radio club ETGD at the University of Twente. Command Line Reference This website is a reference guide containing syntax and examples for the most prevalent computing commands. Int10h Home of the world's biggest collection of classic text mode fonts, system fonts and BIOS fonts from DOS-era IBM PCs and compatibles. Cyberpunk Life Everything cyberpunk. Blogs, imageboards, resources, etc. Wttr Site where you can view an ASCII art version of the weather forecast. Rhyne Cats Someone's personal webpage and seemingly a directory of sorts. Online since 1996. Asciicker A game made entirely out of ascii art. Change the ''x13'' to ''x(number)'' to view different versions/builds. Discworld An ancient multiplayer, text-based, online game (a MUD, or text MMORPG) Futatsu An imageboard for artists and other creative people. Download More Rem A fansite for the character Rem from RE:Zero. Shamchat Weird little chatroom, seems to be mostly used for anonymous roleplay. Biomedia Project A fansite for the Bionicle LEGO toys. Ty Collector Everything you could ever want to know about Beanie Babies. Super Toy Archive Awesome site for looking at old action figures from the 80's (Transformers, He-Man, etc.) Online since the late 90's. NES World One of the best places to find NES homebrew. NINTENDO 64 The official (Japanese) site for the N64 videogame console. Site is frozen in the year 2000. Gunbai Military History A blog ran by someone who knows their stuff about ancient Japanese warfare. Really interesting read for anyone who's into history. X Family A wiki dedicated to finding information about The Family International/Children of God cult. My 90's TV Watch 90's TV on a virtual television with a remote. My 80's TV Watch 80's TV on a virtual television with a remote. My 70's TV Watch 70's TV on a virtual television with a remote. Geogoo Site that creates artwork by causing Google Maps errors. Chakai An imageboard(?) that seems to have opening and closing times. 4taba/Shitaba An imageboard for discussing various hobbyist topics. Verisimilitudes Personal site for someone's various machine-code, lisp, ada and other programming projects. Meta-Nomad Some guys personal blog. Talks about everything from politics to philosophy. Planet Virtual Boy A fansite where you can get homebrew and guides for the failed Nintendo console, the Virtual Boy. Cyberneets A personal site created by an Anon from 4chan's /g/ board. Astronomers Telegram The go to place to find new scientific updates in the world. Distributed The first general-purpose distributed computing project. Founded in 1997. RaGEZONE RaGEZONE is one of the oldest and most active MMO development forums on the Internet. Leggman's The Tick Fanpage Fansite for The Tick comic series. Online since 2002. International Superheroes A database of information about various superhero characters from all over the world. Userfriendly An IT-themed web-comic that has been rolling since November 17th 1997. Ashton Press An ancient personal homepage from 1998. Garfield Minus Garfield A site that removes Garfield from the Garfield comics. Achewood Artwork, and bizarre comics by Chris Onstad. Online since 2001. Cayzle Very web 1.0 looking personal site belonging to someone who goes by Cayzle. Home to a lot of DnD stuff. Skytopia Incredibly pretty website that acts as the personal homepage for someone called Daniel White. Online since 2002. Darwin Awards A site that commemorates those who ''improve the gene-pool'' by dying in stupid ways. Online since 1994. Sys Admin Day Apparently July 31st is national Sys Admin Appreciation Day. Stupid Computer Tricks A collection of images collected as a result of 8 years working in the retail computer industry dealing with idiots. Catless Homepage for the Catless webserver and a sort-of mini directory linking to sites hosted on said server. Stormtiger Personal homepages for two people called Bob and Collie. Online since 2001. Tech Tales Tech support staff tell funny stories about the insane stuff people have called them complaining about. Online since 1997. Blu Blu Personal website for the street artist "Blu". Entire website is a virtual scrap book and has been online since 2003. Boing Being Personal home of Finnish artist Tommi Musturi. Club Penguin Rewritten Club Penguin private server. Flashpoint A project dedicated to preserving as many Flash games and animations as possible. Cursors An MMO where you solve puzzles with other users using your cursor. Omaera The personal homepage for a guy who goes by z411. Home to some interesting bits and pieces created by the site owner. Khinsider 3.1TB worth of videogame soundtracks all free to download. AlogsSpace AlogsSpace (formerly JulayWorld) is an imageboard hosting several different communities about a wide variety of topics. Nihon Kaigun An incredibly informative fanpage for the Japanese Navy. Online since the late 1990's. Akira Ifukube Fanpage for the deceased Japanese composer Akira Ifukube. Online since 2006. All Chans A directory for imageboards. RJN Pages Rants about mind control and free energy. Open Game Art Want to make a game but suck at art? Come here to get yourself some free-to-use sprites. eMule Project Ancient website created by Merkur for his project to create a better version of the eDonkey2000 client. The Mushroom Kingdom Mario fansite. Columbine Guide A site full of detailed information relating to the Columbine Highschool massacre. Trilobite Info Pretty self explanatory. Any information you could ever want to know about the now-extinct creatures can probably be found here. Fotki Ancient photo-based social network where people share photos of stuff. Online since 1998. Net Baby World Games website. A bit of a relic of the early 2000's web. Online since 2003. Cardhouse A website that archives a whole bunch of stuff from 1987 onwards. Online since 1994. Is It Normal? A social network where people share stuff they do and the community votes on whether it's normal or weird. Laputa A collection of Japanese Flash games. Japanese Game Another collection of Japanese Flash games. myNoise Background noise generator. Bloard A minimalist text board. LainOS An entire OS based off of the anime Serial Experiments Lain. Yes. Really. Abandoned since 2005. Elm ChaN A site where a guy who goes by ChaN shares his various projects with the world. Crystal Cafe An imageboard exclusively for women. Dead Drops A project to cement USB sticks into walls and pavements so people can randomly drop files on them for others to download. What could possibly go wrong? Random Whole bunch of randomisation tools (random number generators, etc) Hackertype Converts everything you type into the stereotypical hacker type you in movies. Insects A Japanese language site all about insects you can find in Japan. Textastrophe A site all about messing with people who post their numbers on the internet. Some good laughs to be found on this one. Dear Photograph A site where people take photos back to the location they were taken and take another photo of themselves holding said photo with some 2deep4you words tacked underneath. Urban Exploration Resource Offers many resources to people who want to get into urban exploration. Also home to lots of photos taken by urban explorers. Xinoehpoel Guy on alt.prophecies.nostradamus predicts 9/11 the day before it happens in 2001. Famicase Custom Famicom cartridge labels created as a part of an art project Hikoki:1949 A site all about experimental Japanese aircraft from WW2. 3D Links Ancient 3D modelling website that seems to have fallen into obscurity. Full of great resources, but the community is dead. Metro Transport A site set up for the Sydney Monorail and Sydney Light Rail tram system back in 2000. Last updated in 2005, which has left the site in a bit of a timewarp. GTA San Andreas (NET) GTA:SA fansite created when the game first came out. Home to a whole load of mods and still seems to be going strong. GTA San Andreas (COM) Another ancient GTA:SA fansite with a bunch of mod downloads. Watch Analytics Site that shows detailed information about the average price of vintage wristwatches. Anti Limp Bizkit A reverse-fansite for Limp Bizkit that somehow still exists after all these years hosted on Angelfire. Geocities 90's Horrifyingly bad Geocities-style website mocking the awful web design of the period. Dokimos Religious site, online since 1996. Epilepsy warning, this thing is pretty flashy. Se7en's Homepage Personal homepage of someone who goes by Se7en. Science Madness Now closed to new posts, but still online for public viewing, the Science Madness wiki and forum did mad science type stuff for quite a few years. Some really interesting reads here. Rhodium Home to the archives of several now-dead sites. Habbo Emotion Creating a Habbo private server or fansite? This site is home to countless resources from images to an unofficial HabboAPI. jlpt A site that helps you learn the English meanings behind all of the basic kanji characters. Hackintosh Hackintosh tutorial. SGI A guide to running IRIX 6.2 in MAME. Habbo Planet A site that lets you explore detailed furniture and user data on Habbo Hotel. Uploadify A site where anyone can upload images and anyone can browse through them. What could possibly go wrong? Dance Fighter Redux Insane blog about dragons. LHOHQ A piece of sort-of web art, maybe(?) Click the first image to go down the rabbit hole. Heiwaco Loads of "We didn't go to the moon" and "9/11 is a hoax" type stuff. Soda A collection of sites belonging to a bunch of different people. CERN The Heart Of The Matter A look inside the worlds largest particle accelerator. Linuxman Tech Whole bunch of Linux tutorials created by an Anon from /g/. Unity Tutorials Exactly what it sounds like. Catbox A filehost where you can upload (almost) whatever you want under 200MB. Swiss CM's Duke Nukem Page Somewhat famous Duke Nukem fansite featuring oldschool web design. OpenRA An open-source recreation of Command and Conquer Red Alert. Plus 4chan An imageboard started circa 2006, as a place for /co/ to post whenever 4chan was down. Later split-off into being its own thing entirely. Computation Structures An introductory course about the design and implementation of digital systems, emphasizing structural principles common to a wide range of technologies.. Nuclear Secrecy A mapping mash-up that calculates the effects of the detonation of a nuclear bomb. /csg/ guide An immensely useful guide put together by Anon's from 4chan's /g/ board to aid in buying things from China via AliExpress, Taobao, etc. Chiruno A personal site/project/musicplayer thing? More info on this would be nice. Dig Deeper Personal site belonging to someone who is very security conscious and doesn't like big tech. ImgOps A collection of useful online image tools. ChanStat An IRC channel statistics bot that records lines, words, phrases, and other data from your IRC channel and puts all that data on a webpage for your viewing. That One Privacy Site A site that aims to provide unbiased information on VPN's and their privacy policies. Musl Libc A standard library to power a new generation of Linux-based devices. DJT Guide A whole bunch of resources for those who want to learn Japanese. Gentoomen A group of Anons from 4chan's /g/ board who work on various projects. Floating Point Math A site all about floating point math. Is This Thing On? Someones personal site that is home to a whole bunch of their projects. Freecycle Want free stuff? Want to give other people free stuff? This is for you. Tilde Club A collection of various project and personal websites. Exerceo A site that belongs to the same person who created the mysterious Creepy Robots A site that lists the creepiest/uncanniest looking robots for people to vote on which ones are the worst. Guimp The smallest site on the web. Laus Anonymous An anonymous chatroom. Artists Beware A site that aims to make artists and artist-commissioners aware of scammers and unreliable artists/customers. Getgle A search engine, file host, and more(?) Gay Homophobe A site that lists the names of prominent homophobes who have since come out as gay. Noemata (No Matter?) Open directory listing that is home to some old content dating back as far as 2001. User Inyerface A game focused around horrible UI design. UFOS-Aliens A site that aims to prove aliens and UFOS are real. Classic Habbo The most complete Habbo Hotel v31 (2009) private server, owned by Quackster. Options to play include a Shockwave, Flash, and downloadable client. Derek Savage Personal homepage of Derek Savage, creator of Cool Cat Saves The Kids. AI-Adventure An AI generated text adventure that uses deep learning to create a unique adventure for every visitor. Fat Carpet A bizarre Wordpress blog where the owner Photoshops celebrities to look obese. Seemingly abandoned in 2012. restorativland A site aiming to restore and preserve the likes of Geocities and AOL. Edith Para-academic knowledge repository and exomind reprogramming manual. Furniture Porn Ancient site where the owner positions furniture in "pornographic" ways. Total gag site, completely SFW. Nerdly Pleasures Very well written and maintained blog about everything from old videogames to old computers and Dungeons and Dragons. FlaterCo Former internet company turned personal website. Online since 1998. X Former home to PayPal, now the personal (but seemingly unused?) site of Elon Musk, and one of the very few single letter TLD's still in existence. Rhode Island Computer Museum Website of the Rhode Island Computer Museum. Home to a lot of technical sheets and photographs of old computers. Jim Rees Personal homepage of ancient Netizen Jim Rees. Online since at least 2001, but possibly as early as 1995. ps-2 (kev009) An archive of old documentation and sites centric to IBM systems. KnowledgeBase Archive An archive of early Microsoft KnowledgeBase Articles. Tavi Systems PS/2 Pages Information about IBM PS/2 machines. Kernel Loader A bootloader for Playstation 2 Linux and other Playstation 2 operating systems. Folklore A website devoted to collective historical storytelling. Boxedwine An emulator that runs Windows applications within Linux, Windows, and Mac. iCDiA A website home to technical info, downloads, overviews, and pretty much everything else you could ever want to know about CD-i. Pi1541 A real-time, cycle exact, Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator that can run on a Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+, or 3A+. Hack This Site Hacktivism website that has been around since at least 2003. Quuz The personal "misfit" projects of Anne van Kesteren. Online since 2007. Portable PGP A fully featured, lightweight, java based, open source PGP tool. Cactus2000 International website. Teaches everything from unit conversion to speaking another language. great resources. United Nuclear Chemical and nuclear materials marketplace with an Area 51 aliens section to boot. GXSCC Mirror GXSCC is a wonderful program that emulates a Famicom (NES) or SCC sound chip in order to play MIDIs. Beneath Virginia Tech Exploring the steam tunnels of Virginia Tech. Radiation Network Realtime information about radiation levels in the US. The Dimensions of Colour Everything you could want to know about colour theory. RP9 Theme support for Windows 9x. Fusion Anomaly Art site(?) Online since August 1997. Mahjongg Selection of online Mahjongg and other games. Minesweeper Online Exactly what it sounds like. WTC7 9/11 conspiracy and information website. Online since 2003. 9-11 Review Another site focused on 9/11 conspiracies and other information relating to the September 11th 2001 attacks. September 11th Memorial 9/11 Memorial site. Lists the some of the names of those who were killed in the attacks. Online since September 12th 2001, one day after the WTC fell. Katrina Memorials Hurricane Katrina memorial website. List the names of some of those who were killed in this natural disaster. Back in Block Lego fansite, and awesome custom Lego creations. Uncle Steve's Hot Stuff A site all about chilli peppers and just how hot they are. Home to some good recipes. Find Icons Icon search engine. Marine Traffic See where all of the ships in the ocean are currently floating around. Like flight radar, but for boats. WWI Photos Photos from a German WWI officer. Bunker Tours Photos of bunkers, a site created by the late Dan McKenzie (RIP). Nacy Docs Declassified Navy documents. Cock Mail It's mail, but with cocks! Public Intelligence An international project aimed at aggregating the work of researchers around the globe who wish to defend the public’s right to access information. Chinese New Year History and information about Chinese New Year (Online since at least 2004.) New Year New Years Eve site frozen in 2004. Time US Timezones displayed nicely with a map. Internet Slang Translator Exactly what it sounds like. Nyx The worlds oldest internet service provider. Offers free internet access, webmail, and a whole bunch of other stuff. This site in particular has been up since at least 1999. Stephen A. Camp's Hi Powers And Handguns Gun fansite. Old Smithy A site belonging to a guy who really likes bayonets and knives. Seems to be home to a lot of interesting information. The Home Gunsmith A site owned by a Yorkshireman called Philip Luty who liked his guns. (RIP) SPIDR Collection of news articles from around the web. The Picture Of Everything A huge piece of artwork by Howard Hallis. This Waifu Does Not Exist Deep learning algorithm meets anime waifu's. The future is now. Yale School of Art Official Yale School of Art website. Weirdest website I've ever come across for a school. Blue Moon Internet Corp Official homepage of the Blue Moon ISP from Buffalo, NYC. Website went up in 1995 and seemingly hasn't been updated design-wise since. UK Train Sim A site full of very detailed information and freeware packs for train simulators. The Railfan Network A train enthusiasts site containing over 1mil~ railway images. Online since 1995. The Old Calculator Museum A site owned by a guy who collects old calculators. Lots of images and detailed descriptions. Online since 1997. DPGraph Official site for the DPGraph dynamic 3D graphing software for math and physics visualisation. Online since 1997. lolwut Personal site belonging to an Anon from 4chan's /g/ board. Whole bunch of early 2000's nostalgia stuff. ClassicHabbo The most complete Shockwave-era Habbo Hotel private server. Powered by the open-source Kepler emulator created by Quackster. Office Museum A website that records the history offices and office equipment. Online since 2000. Earth Odyssey Home of the EarthOdyssey pulling tool. An ''invention'' for pulling your recycling bin across the floor (rly.) Online since 2000. Lori Central Fanpage for the character Lori from the videogame Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Online since 19/October/1999.