Site Description
Legends World A site all about early 3D adventure games on the PC. Seems to have been around since the mid 90's. Deadlock Empire Game for the programmers among you who may want to learn a bit about multithreading. OneHackUs Tutorials For Free. A place where everyone can share knowledge with each other. Linkfanel Wideband shortwave radio receiver map. Petit Tube Random YouTube videos with less than ten views. Exit Mundi A collection of end of world scenarios. Noclip Website A digital museum of videogame levels. You can browse the entirety of Vice City, or explore the entirety of Super Mario browser. Really impressive. Fourier Transformations A site all about fourier transformations. I had no idea what these were before seeing this. Super interesting site. Wimp Random videos every day since December 2008. Joey Hess The personal website of a guy called Joey Hess. Very simple, very charming, very cosy and interesting to browse. Sulla's Website Personal site owned by a guy called Sulla. Home to some very in-depth reports about videogames the webmaster has played over the years. A Soft Murmur Ambient noise generator. Think background rain, thunder, wind, etc. Pinch Personal homepage of Ed Pinch. Online since 1995, and he refuses to sell his domain to SEO spammers despite numerous spam attacks on his email over the years. Protected Text Open source pastebin alternative where you can encrypt whatever you're pasting with a password. The Racial Slur Database A site that lists pretty much every racial slur known to mankind about every race known to mankind along with an informative description about each slurs origins. Online since 1999. Side Talkin A Nokia N-Gage parody fansite. 50 Watts Interesting and surreal international book designs, illustrations and covers. QZAP Queer Zine Archive A huge archive of zines created by the LGBT community, some of which date all the way back to the 1970's. (NSFW at times) Royal Armouries Collection Browse over 65,000 photos of objects in the collection of the Royal Armouries. 1MB Club A list of websites that are under 1MB in size. Bios Master Password Generator BIOS password recovery for laptops. Hello World Collection A collection of over 600 Hello World programs. Lumpysoft A Google index search - Good for finding very specific files occasionally. Zoomquilt 2 An infinitely zooming piece of web-art. The sequel to the massively impressive Zoomquilt. 4chan Code Makes it look like you're coding when you're actually just browsing 4chan. Kaggle Open and free to use datasets. Whale Conspiracy website. Learn X in Y Minutes Quick rundowns on programming languages. Goodsites A link compilation created by an Anon from 4chan's /g/ board. Compudida by Alan Chelak A web-art installation of somekind. Click the images to browse through the site. SDF Public Access UNIX System Free shell account and shell access. Est.1987 No-WWW A website arguing against the use of www. Yes-WWW A website arguing for the use of www. Mark Ferrari's Living Worlds A really really nice piece of web-art. If you're into pixel art, give this a look. Portable Freeware Exactly what it sounds like. Alternative To Find alternatives to software. Great if you're into open source stuff. SauceNAO Reverse image search created by an Anon back in 2008. Ayashii World History An English language blog about the history of Ayashii World, the 1995 BBS that eventually spawned 2chan, and subsequently 4chan as well. Bibliotheca Anonoma Bibliotheca Anonoma is a site that aims to archive and preserve the history of 4chan and other imageboards. Refactoring Guru Design Patterns A site all about design patterns for software design - Really good resources to be found here. A bit of something for everyone. Fsh Zone (Fish Zone) A cosy little game where you can chat to friends and catch fish in a pond. Has some very Animal Crossing-y vibes about it. Lockpicking Forensics A site all about lockpicking and the forensics of lockpicking. Some very in-depth and detailed information here delivered in an easy to understand package. Great reading material. Lockwiki A wiki all about different lock types and lock manufacturers. Seems to be run by a bunch of very passionate and knowledgeable people. Blur Busters (Aka, The UFO Test) A site all about motion blur on monitors. Text Wall A site where anyone can make a text wall to share text and ascii art. Very popular among the various *chan's and fun to explore. exo-science An art site/conspiracy site? Not too sure. Seems a little scattered at times, but a really interesting site to dip into. Watching Grass Grow Exactly what it sounds like. Online since 2005. Fissio An isometric pixel art game created in January 2021 by a group of Habbo Hotel users after a series of highly unpopular updates were made to Habbo amidst the death of Flash. Currently in closed beta but their development updates so far look very interesting. Umami FOSS self-hosted website analytics tool. Incredibly useful for web developers who don't want to deal with the other (less private) options out there. Watches of the USSR A site showcasing a huge collection of USSR-made wristwatches from the 1950's through to the 1980's. Home to a lot of really interesting information about each watch. Conquering Space A very old website (probably late 90's) about space exploration and the universe around us. Compute Me Computer hardware and software reviews. Online since 1995, last updated in 2007. Nice little window into the past. 15AI A whole bunch of text-to-speak celebrity and cartoon character voices that are insanely accurate. Great fun to mess around with. Type Racer Fun little typing speed game where you race against other people in real time to see who can type the fastest. Lock Legion Home of the infamous Newgrounds shitposting animation squad, Lock Legion. Clock Crew Home of the even more infamous Newgrounds shitposting animation squad, Clock Crew. Stepmania Home of the famous DDR-like game, Stepmania. Site and game alike are maintained by an incredibly passionate and dedicated team of individuals. DDR Freak A Dance Dance Revolution fansite. Online since 2005. Very oldschool webdesign to be seen here. Fuzzy Memories An archive of American TV commercials and broadcasts. Furcadia An incredibly oldschool Furry MMO. Online since 1996. Lion King Fanart Archives A huge archive of Lion King fan art. Horse News My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fansite created by Anons from 4chan's /mlp/ board. GeoGuessr Geoguesser is an online game where you attempt to guess the geolocation of a place you are shown on Google Maps street view. Monster Mash Create and animate 3D modelled monsters all within your browser. Fun little web tool. Marxists Internet Archive A huge archive of information about Marxism. Online since the 90's. Worlds Tallest Virtual Building Mr Wong's tower. The tallest pixel-art building ever created. Huge project that multiple people have contributed to since the early 2000's. Tenni Catch A game where you catch tennis balls on a unicorns horn. Fun little timewaster that uses Pony Town graphics. The Fluffies An online character creation and animation tool for cartoon animals such as ponies, zebras, foxes and deer. Created by the Russian My Little Pony fandom. The Monorail Society A website for monorail enthusiasts. Sydney Monorail The official website of the now defunct Sydney Monorail. Backpage The former home of the classifieds site "Backpage" - Seized by the US Department of Justice in 2018. Not much left to see, but if you want to view a seized website then here you go! Life is a Test Absolutely insane religious site squatting a mistype domain ("" specifically.) Dialect Blog A blog all about quirks in different English dialects. Lasuni Home of the now-dead virtual world, Lasuni. VOGONS Lots of old PC resources and information. Online since 2002. Nights Into Dreams Fansite of the SEGA game, Nights Into Dreams. Hidden Teesside A blog all about cool hidden and historic things in the Teesside area in the North East of England. PSXDEV Playstation 1 game development website with a lot of homebrew and information. asdf A site about asdf. Truth About War A site about wars the USA has been involved in. Frozen since 2003. Mike Chachich The personal webpage of Mike Chachich. Online since 1999 and home to photos from his travels around Japan on a motorcycle and many other interesting and quite cosy things. Good Earth Graphics An incredibly old site all about caves and cave exploring. Lots of really nice old photographs from someones caving adventures. Captain Packrat A self-hosted furry-content website from 2004, giving a very good window into the furry fandom of the early 2000's. Still going to this day and jam-packed full of old-web nostalgia. Pirates of the Caribbean in Fact and Fiction A site all about pirates of the Caribbean. No, not the movie. The actual pirates that captured ships and stole loot from people! Online since 1994. All Periodic Tables A rather old site about the periodic table of elements and the history surrounding it. Really interesting and well-organised content. Delhaven An online pet cemetary? A Candy Rose A huge missing people database. Online since 1998 and last updated in 2013. Central Square Girl Scouts The forgotten official and absolutely archaic website of the Central Square Girl Scouts. Last updated in 2000 or so. Online since around 1995. Christian Goth A site for goths who are also Christians. Online since January 1997, and still updated frequently. Minesweeper A Minesweeper fansite/score rankings site. Superiching One of Alex Chiu's (creator of the so-called "immortality rings") many websites. Ham-Ham Paradise A fansite for the anime Hamtaro. Online since 2005. RowdyRuff A pretty old Powerpuff Girls fansite from 2001. Seems to still get updated occasionally. Philk Press Homepage of the Willett family. Last updated on November 13, 1999. James Yawn Site owned by a guy called James. Lots of information about hobby rocketry can be found here. Dan Luu The incredibly high quality programming blog of Dan Luu. Davar Web Site A site where the webmaster shares and presents information that they personally find interesting. Programming, computer science, humour, etc. Online since 20th of December 1997. The Dyad Way To Enlightenment A site that presents you with information to help yourself reach enlightenment, supposedly. Online since 3/7/1998. Index Of An index of information about everything from programming to smart TV's and Linux distros. Rhyme Zone Find words that rhyme with whatever word you search for. Heyuri A very oldschool looking image and text board. Seems to be very slow but definitely not inactive. (Reported back up as of: 12/04/2021) Worry Dream The personal site of Bret Victor. Home to lots of misc interesting things. Well worth a browse. Mootxico An imageboard that seems to be trying to recapture that good ol' pre-2007 4chan feeling. Liberty Unleashed Multiplayer GTA:3 mod. Started in 2007 and his last update is from 2016 and the forums in these months are being spammed with "free movies" advertising. GameSpy The ruins of GameSpy, once one of the go-to places online for gaming related content. Frozen in time since 2013. Planet Halflife GameSpy's Halflife fanpage. Frozen in time since 2013 like the rest of the site. Home to fan art, guides, etc. Planet Quake GameSpy's Quake fanpage. Frozen in time since 2013 like the rest of the site. Home to fan art, guides, etc. Google Answers The remains of Google Answers. No longer possible to submit questions, but the site still fully functions if you wish to browse it. Goes all the way back to 2002. The Internet Oracle The Internet Oracle was a collective effort at humor by the denizens of the internet. Questions mailed to the Oracle were forwarded to other Oracle users, who serve as an incarnation of the Oracle by providing a witty answer to the question. Online since 1989, now defunct. Symbolics The first ever .com domain to be registered way back in 1985. Now belongs to a domain broker called Aron Meystedt who has turned it into an internet museum. Really nice use for such a domain name. Mosaic Communications Corporation The original Netscape homepage from 1994. Absolutely no idea how this thing is still online, but it is. Oleg's Web Page Homepage of Oleg E. Drozhinin, otherwise known as the only perpetually happy person at MIT. Last update Nov 8th, 1996. The TecfaMOO (Jan-1995) The TECFAMOO is a text-based virtual reality. It is a Virtual Space for Educational Technology, Education, Research and Life at TECFA, School of Psychology and Education, University of Geneva, Switzerland. Last updated in 1995. WWWBoard A website where you can create message boards with the old Perl script "WWWBoard". No idea if this still works. Matt's Script Archive Offering free CGI scripts to the web community since 1995. 404 Page Found A site featuring a huge collection of Web 1.0 websites. Fishcam A very early live-webcam project by Lou Montulli, the author of the Lynx browser. Camera is now offline but you can see the last pictures it ever took still on the site to this day. The Simulator An online life simulator from 1997. Don't want to spoil too much about it, but it's a really fun little window into the past. McSpotlight An anti-McDonalds website from the late 90's. Send Coffee A coffee fanpage with a bunch of very strange and completely unrelated sub-pages. Online since 1996. Viola Viola was the first web browser with inline graphics, scripting, tables, stylesheet. Online since April 1991. Mag's Home Page Personal homepage of Tom Magliery. Online since at least 2001, but probably much earlier if the web design is anything to go by. NetScrappy A Netscape parody site from 1996. Main site is still updated today as an example of horrific web design. ALTEXXANET A site aiming to recreate the feeling of being online in the mid 90's. Metropoli BBS Files Files from a now dead Finnish BBS called Metropoli. Ken Silverman's Official Homepage Personal homepage of a programmer called Ken Silverman. Online since 1999 and still updated to this day. Emulation Zone Website all about classic retro game emulation. Online so long that some of these games were (almost) new when the website began life in 1996! Gamers Website focused on the videogame series DOOM. Online since 1994 and still updated as of 2021! Lemmy's Land Super Mario World fansite belonging to a person roleplaying as Lemmy Koopa. Online since at least 1999. Very Geocities-esq design going on with this one. 88x31 Buttons A huge collection of 88x31 web-buttons from the 90's and early 2000's. Woodstock 1999 The official Woodstock 1999 website. Still online for some reason, and last updated in (you guessed it) 1999. Real Ultimate Power Are you ready to become a Ninja? Virtual Kishinev The website for Kishinev, the capital of Moldova. Last updated in 1998. Black People Love Us Obvious parody website, but an absolute classic. I can't even begin to explain this one in detail. The Word of God Absolutely insanely laid out religious website that is near impossible to browse. Religious quotations everywhere with no real reason behind any of them. Wii The official Nintendo Wii website. Broken beyond belief, but some pages still work. Worth checking out while it's still around. Cyber-Rat Website of the Half-Life Mapper who is the creator of the well-known map de_rats. Abandoned in 2004, online since 2002. Starlink IRC Website of a defunct IRC network from 1997. Site is apparently still being (occasionally) updated. FROGLAND A fansite for frogs. Yes, the animal. Online since August 1995, but seemingly abandoned. Exposers of Jordon's Foolishness A Michael Jordon hate page from the 90's. Zorotl I'm blue, dabu-dee-dabu-dai. Jimbo's Shiny New Home Personal homepage of a guy called Jimbo. Last updated in 2001, online since 1997. MindViz One of the earlier attempts at creating a social network. Home to many famous pages, most notable of which being IconHell. Online since 2002. Antoroma The official website for Antoroma, a petroleum reservoir engineering consultancy company, and a live example of the Y2K apocalypse. Check out the date at the bottom of the homepage! Last updated in 1999. 5years Ancient David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust fansite from 1996. Still updated up until 2019! Escargot Want to experience MSN/WLM in (current year) for some reason? This is for you. AM STEREO A free resource for AM Stereo radio broadcasters and listeners. Online since 1997. WavSource Free WAV files and reviews. Online since the 1st of July 2001. ScubaMom Very pleasant oldschool homepage of Lynn McKamey, a scubadiver. Really fun site to browse. Online since 1997 and still seems to be updated on occasion. TLR-CAMERAS A site all about TLR cameras. Showcases the collection of the webmaster, Barry Toogood. Online since 2004. cRack In The boX A parody website of the American fastfood chain, Jack in the Box. Online since around 1998. Afactor A strange personal website. Home to pages full of icons and a very odd navigation system. Fun to explore, though. Online since at least 1997, but possibly much earlier. XFree86 The XFree86 Project, Inc is a global volunteer organization which produces XFree86, the freely redistributable open-source implementation of the X Window System continuously since 1992. The Collective A webring from the late 90's. All pages still seem to work, but not many of them are still being updated with new content. Shame. Quake2 A Quake 2 fansite, created in 1997, abandoned in 1998, somehow still kicking after all these years. Seems to have been a lot of effort put into this back in the day. Nighthawks Den A collection of roleplaying sites from the late 90's. None of them seem to be active anymore, but a nice little window into the history of the RP community online. Iron Man Armory An incredibly in-depth Iron Man fansite created by Tim Rassbach. Made way back in 1996 and still being updated today. Capcom Fighting Evolution The official homepage for the PS2 and Xbox game, Capcom Fighting Evolution. Online since 2005 and fully function. Aytch The digital image server for the Urban & Regional Studies Institute at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Loads of buildings of images, sculptures, etc from all around the world. Ruffle A Flash emulator. Orbit Communications An abandoned website for Orbit Communications, a TV company. Whole site is stuck in a 2003 timewarp. Dr Neko's Lab Fansite for the videogame series Megaman. Still gets updates very occasionally. Online since 2000. Walton Dell's Web Site Personal homepage of Walton Dell. Home to all sorts of things the webmaster is interested in from videogames to software and music. Online since 1996, and seems to have been last updated in 2006. Smash Bros Brawl The official Super Smash Bros Brawl website from 2007. Seems to be fully functional all these years later. Whole Mouse Catalog A website aiming to provide resources for scientists who use mice in lab tests. Online since 1995 and abandoned in 1999. Coming Soon A very early online gaming magazine from 1994. Abandoned in 2000. Dole Kemp 1996 The presidential campaign website for Dole Kemp. Online and abandoned since 1996. MicroWorlds EX A coding environment that empowers students to create and share interactive games, perform mathematical experiments, explore science simulations and write multimedia stories. The possibilities are supposedly endless! Online since 2002, but apparently updated until 2019. The Simpsons Archive An ancient and well-organised Simpsons fansite and archive created and maintained by members of and other fans from around the world. Mike Jittlov's WizWorld The atomic-powered cyberspace home of Hollywood movie Director-Producer-Actor-Animator-Editor-Effector-Etcetera Mike Jittlov. The page even glows in the dark to boot! Online since 2003, and looks like it hasn't been updated since. Tri-ang A British model railway fansite for Triang trains that has been around since the late 90's. Merqury City A fansite for the snowboarding videogame series, SSX. Been around since 2001 and still kicking to this day. Some really cool oldschool pages to be found here. Absolute Playstation Possibly the oldest Playstation fansite still left online. Founded in 1995 and last updated in 2010. Site is a real timewarp to the late 2010's. Jigsaw Explorer Free online jigsaws, along with a free online custom jigsaw maker. Really fun little timewaster to just kick back and relax with. Sunny Formula A pretty unique looking Neocities page that serves as a sort of personal webpage come educational "fun facts" kind of thing. Really cool looking and fun to click around. Capacedebere A site showcasing a huge collection of over 4,000 bottle caps from all around the world. Xat A chatroom-based social network from 2008 that is still going somewhat strong all things considered. Real blast from the past. Grubiks Online Rubiks cube style puzzles + solvers. Useful site for people who are into puzzle cubes. Eastbank The official site of Eastbank Model Railway Club. Online at this address since 2012, but seems to be much older. Home to a lot of information about models. Nature Panoramas A very old website that allowed you to view full 360 panoramas of real life locations online. Online since 2000 but doesn't appear to function correctly anymore. Carl Heilman Personal homepage of a guy called Carl Heilman who seems to be a photographer. Online since 1998, his site has some really nice content if you just fancy having a leisurely click around. Engrish A site that shows off various instances of Engrish. Bahai Library A website all about the Bahai Faith, which is a sort-of new-age religion. Record Nerd A site for people who collect vinyl records. Great for trading, showcasing what you have, or finding other record collectors. LebGeeks A site for technology enthusiasts from Lebanon. Active since 2005. jwz Technical docs by Jamie Zawinski. Online since 1994. Not Rocket Science A website created by Geoff Hargadon in 1996. Seems to be home to a bunch of his art installation photographs and whatnot. Dali Gallery An online art gallery showcasing the works of Salvador Dali. ZSNES Home of the ZSNES emulator. Online since 2001. Theistic Satanism A new-age Satanism website created by Diane Vera in 2003. Still online and last updated in 2006. Halloween Online Your guide to everything Halloween since 1994! Waning Moon A sort-of gothic web-ring. Used to have more pages, but the people involved seem to have gone their seperate ways over the last few years. SpaceHey An oldschool 2003 - 2006 era myspace clone. Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music An insanely detailed timeline showcasing the history and relationships between different types of electronic music. Online since 2003. LockLab A site all about lockpicking. Fan-funded and full of great resources and tool recommendations. McBroken A down-detector for all of the McDonalds icecream machines in the US, Germany, and a few other places. Doesn't work in every country, but still a really handy website if you're from one of the supported places. The Simple Site A site created by one dude who likes to collect links and share them. If you like Peelopaalu, you will probably get a kick out of this too!