Site Description
Raventyde Isle Very cosy personal website, last updated in 2005. Home to a bunch of My Little Pony and other horse-related toy franchise stuff. Habbo Shots Small but nice collection of Habbo Hotel screenshots from 2001 - 2002. We Are Hosts For Memes A site all about memes. Columbine A site all about the Columbine Highschool Massacre that seems to have been made not long after the shooting originally happened. Last updated sometime in 2005. Rosie's Site Personal homepage of someone called Rosie. Abandoned since 1999. The Australian Simpsons Gazette Scheduling information for the Simpsons TV show in Australia. Ran from 1997 - 2007. Habbo Party A long-since abandoned fansite for the now dead Habbo Hotel Russia. Very nice little window into the past. I Love Habbo Once the biggest Habbo Hotel Russia fan-forum. Last non-bot thread was posted in 2018. PimEyes A reverse image search engine for peoples faces. Use at your own risk. Golden Oak Library Russian My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fansite. Andre's World Personal site of a guy called Andre. Online since 1998. Old Man Joe Personal site of someone going by Old Man Joe. Home to some 9/11 conspiracy theories and a bunch of other random stuff. Last updated sometime in 2002. UFO's & Extraterrestrial Aliens A site that aims to prove the existence of UFO's and alien life. Online since 2001 and not updated in a very long time. Zobovor's Tripod Page A site created by a guy who's really into Transformers. Home to a lot of Transformers fanfiction and some TMNT stuff. Online since 2002. Moonbase 3 Ancient Transformers the Movie website. Home to some VERY rare audio recordings from the 80's. Transformers Xover Page Ancient Transformers fanfiction page from the 90's. Eye bleach not included. Last updated in 2003, online since at least 1999. The Universe of Skynet Terminator fansite. Online since 2003, was being revamped in 2013 but seems to have been abandoned again. Shame, as it's full of nicely detailed content. Lady 2 Venus's Fanfiction Page Exactly what it sounds like. Fanfiction by someone who goes by Lady2Venus. Whole lot of 80's cartoon stuff, but some links are broken. Online since 2002. Captain N The first ever Captain N The Game Master fansite on the internet, apparently. Also acts as a sort of personal homepage for the webmaster. Online since 02/27/97. Berry Market Someones personal homepage. Lots of pages about everything from Pokemon and Bionicles to microsoft paint artwork and fanfiction. Boing Dragon's Lair Personal homepage of a guy who goes by Boing Dragon. Online since at least 2000. Triceratron's Transformers HQ An incredibly charming Transformers webpage that has been online since 1996. Dimensional Guardian Force A Star Wars(?) fanmade spin-off/fanfiction? I could be wrong. Email me if you know more. Fogu A site all about Harvest Moon games. Seems to have sections listed at the bottom for three other games as well. Online since at least 2000. Samurai Showdown Forever Samurai Showdown fansite that seems to have been around since the early 2000's. Somehow still online after all these years despite being seemingly abandoned. Stir Well Before Viewing! Ancient personal website of a guy called Eric Lee. Home to a lot of old furry and anime artwork. Online since at least 1999, but suffers from broken links. Acmeloo Brazilian Tiny Toons Adventures fansite. Online since at least 1999. Beast Bots Fortress Pretty old Transformers toy review, Xmen, and Transformers cartoon fansite that is still updated to this very day. Reminator Ancient Transformers fansite. Home to toy reviews and a database of Transformers related information. Still seems to be somewhat active. Abbey Clock A site belonging to a clock repair service located in Texas that doubles as a personal website of sorts. Weird, but fun to browse. Leon Rivkin's Homepage Old personal site of a guy called Leon Rivkin. Lorrie's Ascii Absolutely beautiful example of early 2000's web-art. Site is home to some absolutely outstanding pieces of Ascii Art by Lorrie Carrington. Online since at least 2001. The Webmuseum Cybercolony A collection of digital artists working together to expose eachothers web-art. Online since at least 1997. Postbox Garden An imageboard where you can only make a post by mailing in a physical postcard or letter to the admin. (Back up as of 11/06/2020!) Wynd Girl Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfics. Technically NSFW as a lot of the stories are mature in nature. Browse at your own risk. Online since 2001. The Worlds Worst Website An example of a terrible website you might have come across in the era of web 1.0. Life Long Learning Free learning resources for outdated versions of MS Word, Excel, and more. Online since 1995. ASCII Babes A site where people create and post ASCII art of celebrities. Online since 2000, last updated in 2006. ASCII Art By Prudence ASCII art created by someone called Prudence. Last updated in 2005. Moonbeam's Fanfiction Collection of fanfiction stories by someone going by Moonbeam between 2002 and 2011. A Place To Crash A sort-of personal site/hacker fansite from the late 90's. Seems to have been online since at least 1996. Bagism A Beatles fansite? A cult? I'm not too sure on this one. Let me know. Etop - A2 - Udoh homepage on the Internet Personal site of Etop E. A. Udoh, a Nigerian man who grew up in Georgia. Talks about hacking, aliens, and all sorts of stuff. Really interesting guy with an equally interesting website. Storm Singer ArtZ A bunch of really old 3D artwork created by someone going by "Storm Singer". Site was last updated in 2001. Fuzzy Martians Lair Infamous badly designed personal site of Amanda D. Doerr, online since 1998. Website Helpers Articles, tips, and resources for webmasters. Information is quite outdated by todays standards, but may prove useful for those of you with Neocities pages that have a 90's look and feel. HTML Cheatsheet Exactly what it sounds like - An interactive cheat sheet for those of you who may be new to HTML. Great resource for beginners. Open Source Web Design Free to use website layouts. A lot of these are outdated by more than a decade, but they're a great look into web design trends that were popular in the past. The Lama Workshop Psychedelia, folk rock and hard rock. Online since 2001, and last updated in 2013. Massage on Kauai A site all about psychedelia and spiritualism. Slightly broken in some places, but has a plethora of interesting contet. Online since at least 2002. Kesultanan Okusi-Ambeno A website for a non-existent country(?) Has photos of stamps, photos of their royals, etc. Very puzzling, but quite interesting to explore. Online since 1995. Warriors For Christ A site created by someone who's very big into Christianity and Jesus. Has pages about the occult and demons. Online since 1998, last updated in 2001. Occultopedia An encyclopedia for the occult and unexplained. Tinfinity Unique styled Terminator 3 fansite, online since 1997. Annes Vulva Cancer Centre A site created by someone called Anne who developed a rare form of vulva cancer and decided to make a site all about her experience. Online since, and last updated in 2002. Brit Skits Transcripts from British TV shows such as Red Dwarf, Black Adder and Absolutely Fabulous. Last updated in November 1999. Lair of Horror A really nicely put together site about horror movies. Lots of information and resources. Online since 1999 and still updated to this day. The Matt Sutton Experience Personal website and blog of Matt Sutton, a guy who's really into movies. Online since 2001 but stopped updating in 2009 and moved to Blogger. The Ossus Library Movie and book reviews by a guy called Warren Dunn. He's also apparently wrote some novels of his own according to the homepage. Online since 1999 and still active. George Matthews Personal site of a guy called George Matthews. Home to all sorts of interesting pages about different topics. Nuclear Flower A site owned by someone who seems to be afraid of nuclear power plants being built in Australia. Kryme Stone Personal site belonging to a dude who writes Rick and Morty fanscripts. Home to some very odd parody news articles. Howard Shum Personal site of Howard Shum, a comic artist and film maker - Worked with the likes of Marvel and DC. 4Museum A static 4chan archive of the sites /a/, /v/, and /g/ boards from 2006 to 2008. Trollpasta Archives An archive of "so bad its good" creepypasta stories. Literally thousands to sort through and enjoy/cringe at. Soda Hall An archive of the old page of the soda hall in UCBerkeley. Erzo Personal site of Shannon Appelcline. Home to a bunch of DnD stuff. Nexus Zero Personal site of someone that wrote anime and transformers fanfiction in the late 90's and early 2000's. Site is seemingly abandoned. RNRPG Ranma 1/2 fansite and RP site. Abandoned since 2002. Frank Larosa Personal site of a guy who makes music. Personal rec - Check out the Beatle Barkers page. Tiny Core Linux A minimal distro of Linux that can run on pretty much anything because it's well.. Tiny. Metroid Jello A site that shows you how to make Metroid Jello deserts. Girlfriendz Personal website from the late 90's. Home to all sorts of stuff like a blog, a "stuff I like" section, and even Beanie Babies stuff! Moses Den Beanie baby values page with sales listings. Frozen in time sinze the late 90's. Nexus Conspiracy site and "alternate" news source. Holy, Holy, Holy: The Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity Pretty insane looking religious site. If anyone can make sense of this, please email me and let me know. 3DModelsCC0 Site created by someone aiming to provide high quality and free to use 3D models. CRW Flags A site all about historic flags and who designed them. Very web 1.0-ish design. The Cover Project A site where you can download and print videogame covers, cartirdge labels, etc. FDJ The official site of the East German communist youth movement. Somehow still around after the fall of the Berlin Wall - Bizzare. Railfun Personal site of a German man who enjoys trains and model railways - Very cool and informative if you're into this kind of thing (and can read German!) Sov Music Huge archive of rare Soviet music. Entire site is in Russian, so you may need a translator for this one! The Habbo Experience A small directory that links to the different language variations of the Habbo Experience tutorial animations from 2005. Requires flash player. 4chan Flash Directory Exactly what it sounds like. A collection of 4chan-related Flash animations and games. A seemingly forgotten part of the site that is home to some really awesome content. WXYZ Webcams A huge directory/search engine of public webcams, apparently the largest in the world according to the guy who sent this to me! Really cool site. Sinking Worlds A blog all about islands and cultures that are isolated from the modern world. Really interesting little blog with lots of detailed information. Dreamcastify Dreamcastify is a blog about Sonic Adventure DX downgrades. Lots of comparisons between the Dreamcast and Gamecube versions of the game broken down in immense detail. Really interesting stuff. RaveDJ Rave DJ is an AI that creates mash-ups of different songs that are uploaded to YouTube. Produces both great and not-so-great results. Good fun to play around with, though! Fuusio Trax Archive An archive of 4,092,869(!) songs created using the (now removed) "Trax Machine" feature on Habbo Hotel in the mid-2000's. Insanely fun to dig through. Tails Gets Trolled Home to all of the Tails Gets Trolled comics written by lazerbot from Deviantart. Prepare yourself for one hell of a wild ride. Library of Babel The Library of Babel is a digital library that will one day contain everything that ever has been written, and ever will be written. Really cool web-art installation. What If? Seriously detailed and in-depth scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions. (Reported back up as of: 18/12/2020) Star Fantasy Personal site of someone called Razi. Home to Sonic, Final Fantasy, and other fanfics and fanart. Library Genesis Home to pretty much every scientific journal ever written along with all of their articles. Make WordArt This site allows you to create WordArt online, along with offering the option to get your WordArt printed onto a tshirt. Neat. The Wub Machine This site takes any audio file you give it and then proceeds to remix it into a Dubstep or Drum & Bass track. NCase Fun educational games. No, really. They're actually pretty cool. AIDN Lots of (mainly vocaloid) music minigames by the same person that created the Nyan Cat meme. INITIATE Not too sure about this one. (Maybe an ARG, maybe some sort of internet cult?) PhotoPea Online image/photo editor that supports PSD's and many other formats. Really nicely made and works pretty well. Waifu2x An AI that removed JPG artifacting from anime art style images. Super niche, but it apparently works really well if you're into that sort of thing! Angusnicneven Some sort of spooky online art installation. Snorpey JPG Glitch In-browser image corrupter. Lagom LCD Test Site that helps you easily adjust the settings of your monitor to get the best possible picture quality. Filebin Anonymous temporary file sharing website. Everything you upload here will be deleted after 10 days. GoFile Same idea as above but there seems to be no cap on how long a file can be hosted here for. Vo Codes A website where you can generate somewhat accurate vocal-deepfakes of celebrities and fictional characters. Meant as a bit of fun as opposed to actually being 100% accurate. Detexify LaTeX Handwritten Symbol Recognition Not sure what the name of that unicode character is? No problem. Hand-draw it into this site and it'll find it for you! Moan My IP A site that does exactly what it sounds like. Mildly NSFW, but incredibly hilarious for all of two seconds. Aftersleep Travel Log A site where people share photos and stories from their travels (I think?) Not 100% on this one, let me know if you know more. Snopyta Snopyta provides online services based on freedom, privacy and decentralization. RAMMB/CIRA Weather Satellite Live-updated geostationary weather satellite image viewer from GOES-16, GOES-17, Meteosat 8, Meteosat 11, Himawari-8, and JPSS. Dark Site Finder A map of global light pollution. WebSDR A WebSDR is a Software-Defined Radio receiver connected to the internet, allowing many listeners to listen and tune it simultaneously. Future Timeline A site attempting to predict the future. Text To Speech Exactly what it sounds like. Text to speech in more than 30 languages and over 180 voices. Online Text Tools A collection of useful text processing utilities. WIPP Exhibit Maybe some sort of online art installation? Maybe an ARG? I've read over it a few times and I'm still not sure. This X Does Not Exist A site that tries to keep note of all of the different "this (thing) does not exist" websites. Neave TV Random TV without context. Think everything here is OC, but I'm not entirely sure. Neat to mess around with, either way. ASCII Art Club ASCII art generator from images. Collab VM Remotely control a virtual machine with other people. Wall of History Everything anyone could ever possibly want to know about Bionicles. Trace Moe Anime screenshot search engine. Finds the exact timestamp your screenshot is from in whichever episode it's from. Absolutely wild. Notpron An incredibly well-known but well-fleshed-out internet riddle. Good fun. Acko Incredibly impressive personal site of Steven Wittens. Worth visiting for the web design alone, but the content is pretty interesting too. Trends Map View global Twitter trends on a map of the world. Could be useful for research purposes. The First Ever Website Exactly what it sounds like. Can't say anything more than that. World Births and Deaths A real-time simulation of deaths and births around the world. Sleepy Time Want to wake up at a specific time? This website will tell you the best time to go to bed. Trimage A cross-platform tool for losslessly optimizing PNG and JPG files for web. Advent of Code Advent of Code is an Advent calendar of small programming puzzles that comes around once a year leading up to Christmas. Res Obscura A catalouge of obscure things. Personally found this one to be great toilet reading material. Nirsoft A unique collection of small and useful freeware utilities, all of them developed by Nir Sofer. PineTools Free online tools. Calculators, number randomisers, stuff related to date and time, programming, (etc.) Something for everyone. WigFlip Meme makers, speech bubble generators, (etc.) Toys and tools for the web. How Many People Are In Space Right Now? This website answers the question that is in its name. Teddit Teddit is a free and open source alternative Reddit front-end focused on privacy. Nitter Nitter is a free and open source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy. Bus Stop Cosy little messageboard where all posts are deleted after 24 hours. Really cool concept. Pone Paste It's Pastebin but exclusively for 4chan's /mlp/ board to post My Little Pony fanfiction. Pony Tube It's YouTube but for My Little Pony content. NSFW stuff *does* lurk here, but it's tagged accordingly. Smutty Horse Free anonymous file hosting created by an Anon from 4chan's /mlp/ board. Cuber Town Online art installation. Bad Luck Enterprises Spooky artistic site with auto-playing sounds and music (seemingly for an ezine?) Dunkle at Work Personal website of "Dunkle" - Really cool artsy looking website with an eerie vibe about it. (Has autoplaying sounds/music) The End of Town A spooky town hosted on Neocities. Not sure what this one is exactly. Use your mouse wheel to walk through the town. (Has autoplaying sounds/music) Edlinfan The personal homepage of someone who goes by Edlinfan. Site contents are very scattered and quite confusing to read. Maybe I'm lacking context? Let me know. Lobsters A link aggregator & discussion board for programmers. Tiiny Host Host a small website quickly and easily. Legends World A site all about early 3D adventure games on the PC. Seems to have been around since the mid 90's. Deadlock Empire Game for the programmers among you who may want to learn a bit about multithreading. OneHackUs Tutorials For Free. A place where everyone can share knowledge with each other. Linkfanel Wideband shortwave radio receiver map. Petit Tube Random YouTube videos with less than ten views. Exit Mundi A collection of end of world scenarios. Noclip Website A digital museum of videogame levels. You can browse the entirety of Vice City, or explore the entirety of Super Mario browser. Really impressive. Fourier Transformations A site all about fourier transformations. I had no idea what these were before seeing this. Super interesting site. Wimp Random videos every day since December 2008. Joey Hess The personal website of a guy called Joey Hess. Very simple, very charming, very cosy and interesting to browse. Sulla's Website Personal site owned by a guy called Sulla. Home to some very in-depth reports about videogames the webmaster has played over the years. A Soft Murmur Ambient noise generator. Think background rain, thunder, wind, etc. Pinch Personal homepage of Ed Pinch. Online since 1995, and he refuses to sell his domain to SEO spammers despite numerous spam attacks on his email over the years. Protected Text Open source pastebin alternative where you can encrypt whatever you're pasting with a password. The Racial Slur Database A site that lists pretty much every racial slur known to mankind about every race known to mankind along with an informative description about each slurs origins. Online since 1999. Side Talkin A Nokia N-Gage parody fansite. 50 Watts Interesting and surreal international book designs, illustrations and covers. QZAP Queer Zine Archive A huge archive of zines created by the LGBT community, some of which date all the way back to the 1970's. (NSFW at times) Royal Armouries Collection Browse over 65,000 photos of objects in the collection of the Royal Armouries. 1MB Club A list of websites that are under 1MB in size. Bios Master Password Generator BIOS password recovery for laptops. Hello World Collection A collection of over 600 Hello World programs. Lumpysoft A Google index search - Good for finding very specific files occasionally. Zoomquilt 2 An infinitely zooming piece of web-art. The sequel to the massively impressive Zoomquilt. 4chan Code Makes it look like you're coding when you're actually just browsing 4chan. Kaggle Open and free to use datasets. Whale Conspiracy website. Learn X in Y Minutes Quick rundowns on programming languages. Goodsites A link compilation created by an Anon from 4chan's /g/ board. Compudida by Alan Chelak A web-art installation of somekind. Click the images to browse through the site. SDF Public Access UNIX System Free shell account and shell access. Est.1987 No-WWW A website arguing against the use of www. Yes-WWW A website arguing for the use of www. Mark Ferrari's Living Worlds A really really nice piece of web-art. If you're into pixel art, give this a look. Portable Freeware Exactly what it sounds like. Alternative To Find alternatives to software. Great if you're into open source stuff. SauceNAO Reverse image search created by an Anon back in 2008. Ayashii World History An English language blog about the history of Ayashii World, the 1995 BBS that eventually spawned 2chan, and subsequently 4chan as well. Bibliotheca Anonoma Bibliotheca Anonoma is a site that aims to archive and preserve the history of 4chan and other imageboards.