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Wildcard! Takes you to a random site on the directory every time you refresh the page!
Koala Hospital A volunteer group that care for and rehabilitate sick and injurred koalas. Make Frontend Shit Again A website that wants to make front-end shit again. The Fifth Nail Exposed The daily blog of death-row serial killer Joseph Duncan. Virtually Fun Blog about retro tech. Hotel Puomi One of the most complete and longest-running Habbo Hotel "retro" servers. Running a custom v15 version of Habbo. Habborator Very old and unique Habbo Hotel fansite and archival project. Fuwafuwa Former filehosting site - Owner got a visit from the partyvan. Cheapskates Guide A really good blog about being a cheapskate when it comes to computing. This hobby doesn't have to be expensive! Vidar's Index Personal site of Vidar - Home to personal projects, linux stuff, and more. The Watson Brothers Random files from 2005. Quackster's Archive HUGE Habbo private server resources archive. (Shockwave, Flash & HTML5). Aibo Hack Website packed with resources and tutorials for hacking Sony Aibo robotic pets. Online since 2001. Phone Ring Song Nokia composer directory. Nigel Coldwell Large archive of Nokia composer ringtones + a few other fun things like puzzles. Evergreen A personal site belonging to an artist who goes by evergreen. Really beautiful ASCII art homepage. Old Computers Archive of pictures of old computers and how much they cost back in the day. DOS Haven Need DOS games and applications? This is for you. Text Files Absolutely colossal archive of old text files from the early days of BBS and email. Floodgap Systems The personal respository of Cameron Kaiser. Evolt Browser Archive Archive of super obscure and long forgotten web-browers. Handheld Underground ROM dumps of bootleg GB/GBC games. Alusion FR A French language site where you can download free 3D models and find tutorials on 3D modelling. X2 MS-DOS Programming Archive The X2 MS-DOS Programming Archive. Pretty self explanatory. Doom Legends Doom skins and other related stuff. Clark Vision Lots of useful professional photography stuff. Motherfucking Website It's a motherfucking website (not in the literal sense, thank God). Better Motherfucking Website It's a better mockerfucking website (again, not in the literal sense, thank God). Fusion Anomaly Pretty psychedelic looking ancient website. Bonsai Mecha Factory Webcomic that was abruptly abandoned sometime in 2003/4. Kea Database A really cool (and very specific type of) bird watching site for a species of bird called the Kea in New Zealand. There's in-depth pages about specific kea's people have seen, and just lots of neat information about kea's in general. RSub Old flash animations and games. Pupik GT2 Grand Turismo 2 fansite. Elftown Old web game themed around elves. Future Blues Oldschool Cowboy Bebop fansite. Microsoft "Completely Confidential..." Secrets Bunch of Microsoft secrets from someone who (allegedly) hacked into their network way back in 2000. Hackers Blackbook Oldschool German hacker page/directory of sorts. Channel 4 Ancient textboard that still gets posts once in a blue moon. The Post Office An anonymous textboard for people that like to relax and appreciate the little things in life. Nenrikido A personal webpage belonging to a multimedia artist who goes by Nenrikido. This page is apparently a space they use for experimenting with front-end web development. Alf's Room Personal site belonging to a Japanese man where the pages are referred to as "rooms" for his various characters scattered across the website. Really unique and still updated to this day. Online since the late 1990's. MLP Forums A seemingly active My Little Pony forum from the brony era of the fandom. Seems to have a small but dedicated userbase. Desync Single category forum with a lot of posts. Old but still active. Blue Buddies Ancient Smurfs fansite with a BBS. Founded in 1995. Nigrachan Ancient imageboard that stemmed from the great Habbo raids. Camerons World Pretty well-known Geocities-style personal webpage. Vampire Website A website for people looking to become a vampire. Lings Cars Car hire website with a twist. Boo World A social network where you can meet people based on personality type, star sign, and more. Space Jam Because no link directory is complete without it. Old Space Jam website. Pee-Mail Web-app where you write something with an animation of a little guy peeing in the snow and email said animation to someone. Online since 2001. (Reported back online as of: 09/11/2021) Habbo Maze Room Another ancient Japanese Habbo Hotel fanpage from 2003. Cutyfox Another ancient Japanese Habbo Hotel fanpage from 2003. Forever Like This A personal website that is home to a blog, directory of webrings, online communities, a personal website collection, and more. Nora Habbo Another ancient Japanese Habbo Hotel fanpage from 2003. Sugo6 Another ancient Japanese Habbo Hotel fanpage from 2003. Kuraiten Very unique and old Japanese Habbo Hotel fansite from around 2004. Cult of the Dead Cow Homepage of the infamous hacking crew, some cool ASCII art and other stuff can be found here. Acts of Gord Old gag-site which is a parody of an internet cult. Fauux Personal blog for someone called Fauux, and a Lain fanpage. Time Cube Insane (and probably unironic) conspiracy website. Heavens Gate Homepage belonging to the infamous cult that committed mass-suicide back in 1997 Deception Island Official website for an island that is an active volcano in the South Shetland Islands. I Love Jar Jar Binks Jar Jar Binks fanpage. TempleOS Official website for TempleOS. Zoom Quilt Very impressive piece of fractal artwork. Vimm Oldschool ROM and emulator website. Mermeliz's MS Chat Resources Oldschool Microsoft Comic Chat fan site. The Old Robots Database archiving old toy robots. Amp-What Unicode character reference search. Keygen Jukebox Collection of good keygen music. The Mod Archive One of the worlds largest collections of music modules. Pomelo Personal website of someone going by Pomelo. Webmaster says she is into art, skating and Neopets. Very clean nu-wave 00's styled website. Ektoplazm A site that is home to a whole lot of free music. Online since at least 2001. SMS Weird old Freewebs site. Seemingly pointless, does not allow right clicking for some reason. Rail Chan An imageboard for train enthusiasts. Orbb Personal site of a guy named Orbb. Home to various interesting programming related ramblings, and other things created by the site owner. Wiby A search engine for simple websites. The Black Stump A human-sorted information reference directory that has been around since 1995. Vanity Plates A collection of pictures of vanity license plates. Gifcities A Geocities GIF search engine. Twilit Grotto Archives of Western Esoterica Faces of Suicide Page set up to remember those who have commit suicide. Last Words Archive of audio recordings taken from the cockpits of planes moments before they crashed. Totse Archives archives. Hours of reading ranging from phreaking to how to piss off your neighbour. Erowid Very old site focused on documenting the relationship between humans and psychoactive substances. Founded in 1995. Dan's Matchbox Picture Pages A site belonging to a guy who collects Matchbox cars. Encyclopedia Dramatica A wiki about internet culture. Quite a lot of funny and offensive content can be found here. John Savard's Home Page Homepage of John Savard. Contains topics relating to all sorts of random stuff. Serguei Foss Forgotten university page for Russian student Serguei Foss. Has some interesting pages relating to his research on the Enigma machine. Anti-Illuminati Defence Department Anti-Illuminati themed parody website. S Personal homepage of Snooper, the owner of Peelopaalu. (Self plug ftw!) A Dark Room A text adventure game. Navsource Great photo archive for US Navy ships from all eras. If you like boats, this is for you. Somnolescent A website owned by a bunch of Furcadia friends who are into everything from drawing and writing to archiving websites and blogging about guinea pigs. Radio Garden Lets you listen to thousands of radio stations all around the world. Chadnet A huge archive of.. Stuff? I'm not entirely sure on this one. Site seems to lack a definitive theme, but it's pretty interesting to just click around. My Windows Page Selected old versions of software that still work with outdated Windows releases. Win31 Windows 31x freeware. Frank & Beth's Matchbox Haven A site belonging to a couple who collect Matchbox cars. DeadJournal Edgier version of LiveJournal where everyone is an angsty teenage vampire. Spyware Watchdog Site that lists pieces of software that the site owner believes to be spyware. 4stats 4chan statistics. Wormhole Probably the best free large file sharing website I have ever used. Banned Books & Conspiracy Theories Exactly what it sounds like. Music For Programming Music to program to, I guess. Weave Silk Very cool interactive generative art site. Flight Radar 24 Site where you can monitor air traffic in real time. Rainy Mood A site that plays rain sounds endlessly. Gifypet A site where you can create a virtual pet for your webpage. A.N. Lucas's Web Lounge A personal webpage aiming to recreate the late 90's Geocities feel. Million Dollar Homepage A site where someone sold 1,000,000 pixels at $1 each and managed to become a millionaire as a result. Listen(.moe) A radio/jukebox that plays nothing but anime music. Size of Cat Personal website where the owner writes about cyber security, retro computing, and a whole other number of things. Really high quality content. Pastebin An online text editor/dump where you can either sign up with an account or paste stuff anonymously. Zombocom This, is Zombocom. My Noise Background noises & interactive soundscapes. Newgrounds Incredibly old but incredibly active Flash portal with tens of thousands of animations, games, artwork, and other creative content. Ask Dr Eldritch Ancient and pretty bizarre web-comic + QnA site. Beanz Personal homepage for someone called Beanz who makes games. Novel Updates Directory of translated Asian novels. The Most Amazing Website On The Internet The most amazing website on the internet, apparently. The Worst Things For Sale A blog dedicated to sharing the worst things you can buy on the likes of Amazon and eBay. GBPPR Homebrew Electronics Open-source defense electronics presented by GBPPR's directorate of science & technology. Maia arson crimew Personal website belonging to the person who leaked the TSA's "No Fly" list in 2022. Tinychan An old but active imageboard. LOL Limewire Yar-har-fiddle-dee-dee! EFUKT Adult humour for adults. Pretty old at this stage, but still seems to be active. W3 Schools Probably the best place to learn HTML anywhere online for free. Akrep Nalan Very old personal homepage for someone called Akrep Nalan. Real Time Recording Old Geocities site that was used as a place to host music and artwork back in 1998. How Secure Is My Password? Very well-known site for testing password strength. Buzzly An art sharing website, very similar to deviantArt. Have I Been Pwned? Great (and legal) site for checking emails against data breaches. Koalas To The Max A site that features 4 dots that shrink down into multiple smaller and smaller dots to eventually create a picture of a koala. All Glory To The Hypnotoad! One of the oldest pointless websites to still be aroud. Home to the Hypnotoad since around 2004. Pools Closed A forum that originally came out of the great Habbo raids of 2006. Still somehwat active(?) MangeToiCa Trax Machine French Habbo fansite where you can create chiptune & other music online for free. Melon King Personal homepage for someone called Melon King created in the style of an old Geocities page. Vidlii A site aiming to recreate the look and feel of pre-2009 YouTube. Very active with dedicated users. The Mudcat Cafe "Forum founded in 1996. Focused on music, but also has a ""BS/General"" for other topics." Jinfo A site founded in 2002 that provides information and statistics about Jewish people. Internet Edition Index Technology journal that ran from 1992 until 2000. Robert Stetter Airshow Gallery An online gallery of photographs taken at airshows. Founded on August 24, 1998. LabGuy's World Site founded in October 1997 focused on the history of video tape recorders before Betamax and VHS. ALTEXXANET ALTEXXANET's goal is to provide a glimpse into the Internet of the 90's. Mandarin Tools Old but gold site for anyone wanting to learn Mandarin. Lots of great resources. Billie W. Taylor II, Pipe Collector A site owned by an older guy who collects, sells, and shares information about smoking pipes. Toasty Tech "Very old personal homepage for someone called Nathan, & home of the infamous ""IE Is EVIL!"" page." Lurk More Turning newfriends into oldfriends since 2006. Wiki about various *chan culture. Sonic Retro Ever wanted to know everything there is to possibly know about old Sonic the Hedgehog games? This is for you. Habbo China 17173 Official 17173 Game Network page for the ill-fated Chinese version of Habbo Hotel. Abandoned since 2007. Site aiming to be the rebirth of Geocities. Oocities Probably the most complete Geocities archive. Homepage of Sol Pais Homepage of Sol Pais. [DESCRIPTION AWAITING REWRITE] Geocitiesizer Make any website look like it was made by a 13 year old in 1996. Subterranea Britannica Directory of underground places in the UK. WebGL Water In-browser water simulation. Communicating the Unthinkable A blog where someone shares documents and artefacts from the Cold War. RinkWorks Online entertainment, founded in 1996. Features all sorts of stuff from comics to funny-pages. NASA Photojournal Directory of images taken from nasa missions in very high quality. Windy World map of wind and weather patterns. 100,000 Stars An interactive 3D visualization of the stellar neighborhood, including over 100,000 nearby stars. Sub Genius Online parody religion. Principia Discordia Another online parody religion. Issues NY Online newspaper from 2003. Seemingly frozen in time. Snipplr Code snippet repository. Defensive Computing Checklist A list of internet-related things to be aware of and defensive steps to take in response to said things. Paper CD Case A site where you can create paper CD cases, or in-lays for jewel-cases. Sheldon Brown Cycling Apparently the holy grail of cycling websites. Fantastic resources & an oldschool design. Ronh's Exploratorium Loads of fun and interesting information relating to space & other planets. 20q(uestions) The official 20q online game. Been around (more or less) unupdated since around 2006. Pretend You're Xyzzy Very popular cards against humanity clone. Guess My Word A word guessing game. Rules are simple: The webmaster is thinking of an English word. Make guesses and they'll tell you if their word is alphabetically before or after your guess. Free Tech Books Database of free/open access computer science books, textbooks, and lecture notes. After The Rapture Pet Care Worried about who'll care for your pets in the event that you get raptured? This is for you. Basic Car Audio Electronics A site that aims to help you understand the basics of electronics. Founded 1998. PARKER WEBSITE Ancient personal website for the Parker family. Roger Russell Personal website of someone called Roger. Home to a decent McIntosh history page. Overclockers Australian PC hardware community founded in 1999. Zaph Audio Personal DIY speaker/audio project page. Frank's Electron Tube pages Huge directory of electron tube data sheets, founded and maintained since 1999. Good Cans Headphones review site that was founded in 1998. Stopped updating as of 2011. Quarter Wavelength Loudspeaker Design Site that will show you how to build quarter wavelength loudspeaker systems. Founded in 2002. The Subwoofer DIY Page Looking to build some subwoofers? This is for you. Transmission Line Speakers Another site that will show you how to build speaker systems. RJB Audio Projects Another DIY audio equipment/speaker website. Founded around 2004(?) Audiogrid Site List Ancient audio site directory. Some dead links, some live. Land Chad Simple guides on how to set up your own website, email server, or other online service. What Should I Read Next? A site that will tell you which book you may enjoy reading next. Universal Digital Library A collection of 1,000,000 books. Founded in 2001. Project Gutenberg Australia A huge collection of over 4,000 free ebooks. Robert Teeter's Home Page Personal homepage of Robert Teeter. Founded in 1996. iro2 Imageboard with one main board from which other boards branch out of. You can make your own board, and most of the site lacks moderation of any kind. Musicmap The genealogy and history of popular music genres from the 1800's - 2016. Dreampipe A portal for SEGA Dreamcast websites, leaderboards, and VMU content. FogCam The oldest live webcam currently still online. Founded in 1994. Earthcam A whole bunch of live webcams of random places all around the world. Opentopia Random live webcams of all kinds of weird places. The End of The Internet The end of the internet, apparently. The Old Net A directory/search engine of archived versions of websites ranging from the 90's up until 2005. Homepage of Peter Pan Incredibly old homepage for a guy who claims to be Peter Pan. Drive Me Insane An interactive site where you can play with the lights in someones home in real time. Frangioso's Street Lighting Gallery Pretty old homepage belonging to someone who really likes streetlamps. Kevin Kelm's 96.2% Shiny Page Someone's spare time project page. Diablo Web Web-port of the original Diablo game. Cabbage Sorter The personal site of CabbageSorter, where the webmaster posts her reviews of manga, books, and anime. AirPano Panoramic shots of places all over the world. Because Moe Anime streaming search engine for the US, CA, UK, and AUS. The Yojik Website Fantastic resources for learning new languages. The Eye Archive consisting of 140TB of books, websites, games, software, or anything else you can really think of. Human Clock An online clock with a really unique twist. z0r A site that is home to almost 8,000 flash loops. Picture Swap Anonymously swap pictures with strangers on the internet. What could possible go wrong? Copy's Home Run KolibriOS, Linux, or Windows 1.01 in your browser. Same site also has a nice IWTBTG clone. Habbo Widgets A site that shows detailed information about Habbo Hotel accounts. Banana Hackers Ever wanted to know how to hack your Nokia 8110 or another KaiOS phone? This is exactly what you need. Platform Racing 2 A pretty old online MMO where you race against other players through mazes and maps. Servers still up. Glitch2 In-browser image glitcher. Astronomy Picture of the Day A NASA owned webpage that displays a new picture from space every day. I Love PDF Whole bunch of free PDF tools. Deepl Translator An (arguably better) alternative to Google Translate. LeoPets NeoPets private server/clone that has been around since 2007. Applications to join open on the 1st of each month. Gnoosic A sort-of music search engine that finds you songs/bands based off of your music taste. 0x40 Anime images synched with music. If you're into 2D waifu's and electronic music, this is probably for you. Women of the Internet A webring created for and by women. Only real rule for joining is that you're an adult woman and you own a website of somesort. Hoboes An absolute relic of the pre-world wide web. Home to some truly ancient stuff from the early internet. Camden House The complete Sherlock Holmes. Internet Speculative Fiction Database A community effort to catalog works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Lord Of The Peeps It's Lord of the Rings, but with Peeps. Fourmilab A variety of documents, images & software for various machines, and interactive web resources. Ozzy An ancient Ozzy Osbourne fansite that is stuck in an early 2000's timewarp. Kiss This Guy A collection of misheard song lyrics. Billy The Kid Country Billy the Kids hideout (personal webpage of some sort?) Midwinter An old Babylon5 and Stan Ridgway fansite. Charismagrid A Cordelia Chase (actress from ''Angel'') fanpage turned memorial page after her death in 2004. Site has been in a limbo/stasis since her death. SFTV SF TV schedules, news, and other assorted stuff. Not entirely sure what this is, but it has existed since 1995. The Travisty An old website that is home to funny videos, cartoons, flash games, (etc.) Unit Conversion Exactly what it sounds like. A site used for converting units of measurement. Michael Kamen The old personal website for a dead musician. Forums still exist, but they've become a garbled mess over the years. ejai A very old personal website for someone called Jai who used to write fanfiction. Last updated in 2006. Musgle It's Google but for music. Eye of Justice An open directory search portal + eBay auction analysis tool. Floppy Swop A place for sharing any files small enough to fit on a conventional floppy disc. Telehack A text-based web and telnet game that simulates the internet and BBSs of the 80s and early 90s. Windows 93 A well-known parody OS game that you can play around with in browser. Carsten Cumbrowski The personal website for ASCII arist Carsten Cumbrowski. This Person Does Not Exist An experimental site that generates photorealistic pictures of people who do not exist. Talk To Transformer See how a modern neural network completes your text. Worf's Star Trek Page An ancient Star Trek fansite. Films 96 Worf's personal movie review website. From the guy who owns the Star Trek page above. Around since 1996.